Officials for a mine in central China have been arrested after reportedly admitting to a cover-up of a mine accident on 26 May that killed four workers.

The incident, the details of which were not released except to classify it as a production accident, occurred at the licenced Zhengxin Zhongyuan Qiantong coal mine in Niudian village, Xinmi. 

The four killed miners were not named but were all Xinmi natives between 45 and 55 years of age.

A joint team of local and mine officials has been formed to investigate the incident. Those detained over the cover-up include an investor and a legal representative, per Central China Television. 

Reports of the incident come just days after a coal and gas explosion in Jixi, Heilongjiang province, trapped eight miners underground; additionally, on 4 June, eight workers died in a gas blast in Hebi, Henan.

Chinese regulations dictate that any mining accident be reported within one hour of receiving an on-site report, with those violating the law or concealing details at risk for severe penalties.

Source: Global Times