Australian producer Metro Mining has signed offtake deals for 7 million dry tonnes of its bauxite product from its Bauxite Hills operation, with the buyer confirmed as Chinese-based aluminium producer Xinfa.

bauxitehills shipThe first of the agreements commences in April 2022 and will provide the buyer with 1 Mt before September of next year.

The second deal will begin in October 2022 and give Xinfa 2 Mt per year through September 2025.

Metro Mining managing director Simon Finnis noted that Xinfa was its foundation customer, so the agreements are an extension of their partnership.

“It is a relationship we value highly and will always endeavour to support and grow. Importantly, these contracts demonstrate Xinfa’s continued support towards Metro and its strategy around the stage-two expansion,” Finnis said.

Metro’s expansion project, the executive said last month, will include a floating terminal to the Skardon River that will allow more efficient shiploading.

Source: Metro Mining

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