Harmony Gold and its Hidden Valley operation (HVM) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) have established a scholarship program for those pursuing diploma-level and university degrees in several areas related to mining.

The program’s goal is to have two representatives each from Nauti, Kuembu and Winima – the landowner villages that surround the mine – and the Morobe Province.

They are open to students seeking education in mining engineering; mechanical engineering; electrical engineering; geotechnical engineering; geology; surveying; metallurgy; environmental science; and business (including commercial, finance, information technology and human resources).

“We’re keen to work with our provincial stakeholders, particularly in education, to create a pool of high caliber university of polytech students who will fill future positions as graduates with Harmony,” Executive General Manager for Stakeholders and Corporate Affairs Kepas Wali said.

“At the same time, we’re making it attractive [with financial assistance] and providing an incentive for these young people to enter and complete their studies.”

The program will focus on the development of local PNG citizens, the company said, as it advances the support and acceleration of its own objectives.

Wali noted that Hidden Valley has already developed an industrial training arrangement with the PNG University of Technology that allows students to spend time observing the operation’s departments.

Sources: Papua New Guinea Post-Courier, PNG Haus Bung