The president of Indonesia reportedly said that over 2,000 mining permits, along with forest and plantation permits, have been revoked because of non-compliance or non-use, part of the country’s crackdown on natural resources oversight.

President Joko Widodo, or Jokowi, as he is known, said 1,776 metals and minerals mining permits have been pulled along with 302 coal mining permits, according to Reuters. Combined with the forestry and plantation permits, it amounts to over 3 million hectares nationwide.

Widodo said the move was taken to boost transparency and improve governance.

While no specific permits or permit holders were mentioned in his broadcasted announcement, Reuters said, the government did indicate the ones impacted were those not used, not productive, transferred to other parties, or those not fitting the required purposes.

The report noted that the government will allow civil society organisations and farmers to manage some assets by partnering with companies, with Indonesia open to credible investors.

Source: Reuters

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