After 104 years in operation, the national employer association for Australia’s resources and energy industry has a new name: Australian Resources and Energy Employer Association.

AREEA logoChief Executive Steve Knott AM said the association’s members, board and staff were excited for a new brand that reflected the full breadth of AREEA’s membership network.

“Our modern membership network spans every sub-sector of the resources and energy industry, including mining, oil and gas, exploration, construction, blasting, maritime, smelting and refining, transport, facilities management, and even renewables,” said Knott.

“Given many have become accustomed to referring to us as the ‘Australian resources and energy group’, our new AREEA brand also reflects how most of the market has understood us in recent years.”

Along with the rebranding, AREEA has launched a new website. It includes a Member Portal with a range of resources, templates, tools and other information exclusive to AREEA members.

Knott said with the new brand, the association will get back to doing what it knows best. “That is, assisting and supporting our members with all their workforce and people issues, and representing the interests of our wonderful industry to all key government and community stakeholders.”

Source: Australian Resources and Energy Employer Association