Officials are reporting the deaths of 10 workers and the rescue of four others after an explosion at a coal mine in the West Sumatra province.

Octavianto, a spokesperson for the local search and rescue agency, told the Associated Press the incident occurred on 9 December at a privately owned operation in the Sawahlunto district.

“The last victim was found after a search in a 240-meter (800-foot) -long tunnel,” the spokesperson said.

“Most of the victims suffered burns. All of the survivors experienced shortness of breath and were evacuated for further treatment.

Rescuers reportedly placed blowers and exhaust fans to remove gases, making it safer to enter, and the rescue crews told the official they were struggline to find the location of the victims. 

The explosion is not the first fatal mining incident in the last year; in April, an overloaded truck carrying 29 people hit a hillside and overturned near an illegal gold mine in West Papua province, killing 18 and injuring others.

Source: Associated Press (10 miners killed in Indonesia coal mine explosion, 4 rescued - ABC News (

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