MICROMINE, a provider of intuitive software solutions to the mining and exploration industry, has signed academic agreements with leading universities in Brazil and Indonesia. These agreements will further enrich the education of geology and engineering students through access to MICROMINE’s namesake exploration and mine design solution, Micromine.

MICROMINE is committed to educating students about software applications which they will utilize within workplaces after their graduation. This commitment has resulted in MICROMINE’s software being introduced within some of the world’s leading universities. It has also helped increase students’ employment opportunities through their working knowledge of essential software.

In Indonesia MICROMINE has recently established academic agreements with some of Indonesia’s most prestigious universities, including Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD) and Universitas Trisakti.

MICROMINE’s collaboration with these universities is testament to the company’s strong position within the region. MICROMINE has had a permanent presence within Indonesia since 1987 and over the years has established strong ties within the local mining community. The company’s Micromine application is perceived as the ‘standard’ modelling application within Indonesia.

MICROMINE’s Indonesia regional manager Myke Jones says, “For the past 27 years, MICROMINE has provided software solutions to the Indonesian market, and has helped the region incorporate sophisticated technology within their exploration and mine environments.

“The introduction of our software applications within Indonesia’s leading universities is a natural progression for the company. Through the provision of Micromine and the integration of the software solution within course syllabuses, we aim to improve exploration, planning and mine management courses.”

In Brazil MICROMINE has formed a relationship with the Federal University of Ouro Preto’s (UFOP) Department of Mining Engineering (DEMIN).

DEMIN Associate Professor Dr Jose Margarida da Silva says, “It is important for engineering students to have a working knowledge of software tools used in the workplace. Practising engineers must understand applications which allow them to create advanced mine designs and plans using reliable databases.

“Software applications such as Micromine are becoming increasingly utilized throughout Latin America. DEMIN anticipates that Micromine will become a very important teaching and research tool,” Margarida da Silva concludes.

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