Orsu Metals Corporation has received all final assay results for the 2014 scout drilling program at its Kogodai volcanogenic massive sulphide copper prospect in northeast Kazakhstan. The company says the results are encouraging with high grade copper sulphide mineralization identified.

In October to early November 2014, Orsu drilled five scout diamond drill holes totalling 457 metres. The main objective was to assess the style and quality of mineralization.

The metamorphosed volcanogenic disseminated to semi-massive sulphide mineralization at the Kogodai prospect is controlled by the lithological contacts between gneiss and amphibolite layers at several stratigraphic levels within the metamorphic sequence. Near surface, sulphides are oxidized to a depth of approximately 30 metres.

Four holes returned mineralized intersections while one returned no mineralization. The first hole returned eight mineralized intersections, including 2.0 metres @ 0.47% copper and 1.65 grams/tonne silver, 4.7 metres @ 1.46% copper and 5.70 grams/tonne silver including 0.9 metres @ 3.52% copper and 12.8 grams/tonne silver, 6.5 metres @ 0.88% copper and 4.23 grams/tonne silver including 1.7 metres @ 2.31% copper and 11.64 grams/tonne silver, 1.7 metres @ 0.56% copper and 1.22 grams/tonne silver, and 0.6 metres @ 0.47% copper and 2.44 grams/tonne silver.

The second hole intersected one mineralized interval of 6.5 metres @ 0.63% copper, including 2.9 metres @ 1.02%. There were three mineralized intersections in the fourth hole - 2.1 metres @ 0.29% copper and 6.29 grams/tonne silver,1.8 metres @ 0.67% copper and 0.49 grams/tonne silver, and 0.8 metres @ 0.31% copper and 0.70 grams/tonne silver.

In the fifth hole there were five mineralized intersections - 2 metres @ 0.40% copper and 1.60 grams/tonne silver, 11 metres @ 0.58% copper and 1.25 grams/tonne silver including 1 metre @ 1.2% copper and 2.4 grams/tonne silver, 3 metres @ 0.79% copper and 2.20 grams/tonne silver including 1 metre @ 1.62% copper and 3.1 grams/tonne silver, 5.5 metres @ 1.05% copper and 3.19 grams/tonne silver including 2.5 metres @ 1.55% copper and 4.50 grams/tonne silver, and 4.3 metres @ 1.08% copper and 2.34 grams/tonne silver including 1.1 metres @ 2.11% copper and 4.50 grams/tonne silver.

The Kogodai prospect is effectively 51% owned by Orsu and is not currently considered to be a material property. It is approximately 70km northwest of the company’s Karchiga project in Kazakhstan. It shares similar geological characteristics with Karchiga, including similar metamorphic stratigraphy, consisting of sandwiched amphibolite and gneiss.

Orsu’s chief operation officer and director of exploration Dr Alexander Yakubchuk says, “We are pleased to receive such encouraging results from our 2014 scout drilling program. The results principally confirm presence of high grade copper mineralization at the Kogodai prospect only a few months after the licence was transferred to Orsu. The company will review its plans in relation to the Kogodai prospect during the first quarter of 2015.”

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