Thai-based company Lanna Resources PCL plans to acquire at least one coal mine in Indonesia with an approximate investment outlay of US$20-30 million. As part of diversification plans, Lanna is also interested in investing in a coal-fired power plant in Indonesia and alternative-energy based power plants in Thailand.

The company is believed to have been negotiating with some coal mining operators in Indonesia and is targeting a mid-sized company with total reserves of 20-30 million tonnes. Lanna is also believed to have been approached by its Indonesian partners seeking co-investment in coal-fired power plants because it has its own coal mines.

In a bid to reduce the company's electricity cost, Lanna has plans to form a joint venture with a prospective partner to invest around 1 billion baht (US$30.86 million) in renewable energy-based power plants.

Lanna has two production and distribution coal mining bases in Indonesia. It holds a 55% stake in the LHI mine, which has a reserve of at least 64 million tonnes and an annual production capacity of three million tonnes. Additionally, it has a 65% interest in the SGP mine, which has at least 45 million tonnes of reserve and annual production capacity of three million tonnes.

This year Lanna is focusing on lowering production costs and maintaining sales. It aims to sell 5-6 million tonnes this year, similar to its sales volume in 2014 but this is dependent on global prices. If prices increase, it will accelerate selling but will reduce production capacity if prices decrease.