G-Resources continues its successful exploration program at the Martabe Gold and Silver Project in North Sumatra, Indonesia, with recent work focusing on expanding the mineral resource estimates and regional exploration targets.

Drilling has been conducted on extensions to known resources at the Purnama, Ramba Joring and Tor Uluala deposits while regional exploration has targeted the Tani Hill, Tango Papa and Rantau Panjang prospects.

Drilling and geological investigations to upgrade the resource estimates at Ramba Joring and Tor Uluala are nearing completion. Best results from this drilling are 101.0 metres @ 1.93 grams/tonne gold, including 21.0 metres @ 10.5 grams/tonne gold at Ramba Joring; and 138.9 metres @ 1.28 grams/tonne gold at Tor Uluala.

Trenching results at Ramba Joring confirm that mineralization extends to surface in some areas where the current mineral resource and ore reserve do not extend. Best results from this trenching are 49.7 metres @ 2.37 grams/tonne gold, including 5 metres @ 8.17 grams/tonne; and 37.0 metres @ 3.23 grams/tonne gold.

Ramba Joring has an estimated inferred and indicated resource consisting of 38 million tonnes at average grade of 1.0 grams/tonne gold and 4 grams/tonne silver, with total contained metal content of 1.2 million ounces of gold and 5.0 million ounces of silver.

From this resource, a probable reserve is estimated with 5.2 million tonnes at average grade of 1.8 grams/tonne gold and 4.4 grams/tonne silver with total contained metal content of 290,000 ounces of gold and 700,000 ounces of silver. Ramba Joring is north of and adjacent to the Purnama Open Pit.

The program of drilling and trenching work commenced at Ramba Joring in early 2015. A total of 18 surface trenches for 690 metres and 32 diamond drill holes for 3859.4 metres) have been completed. The field program finished in July 2015 and results have been received from all trenches and the first 17 drill holes.

The program has successfully defined extensions of the mineralization and particularly in areas of the resources and reserves where the block model previously did not reach the surface because of lack of information. The additional drilling is also defining greater continuity of high grade zones than previously interpreted.

A consulting group has been engaged to complete an updated mineral resource estimate for Ramba Joring for release in late 2015.

Tor Uluala has an inferred resource consisting of 32 million tonnes at average grade of 0.9 grams/tonne gold and 8 grams/tonne silver, with total contained metal content of 900,000 ounces of gold and 7.8 million ounces of silver. Tor Uluala is approximately 1km north of Purnama and is adjacent to Ramba Joring, leading to a proposed eventual mining sequence northwards through Ramba Joring, Tor Uluala and eventually to Uluala Hulu.

The gold and silver mineralization at Tor Uluala is drilled to a wide spacing and there is potential to expand the resource and improve the grade and eventual mining economics with closer spaced samples. To this end, a program of drilling and surface trench sampling has been in progress since mid-2014.

This campaign has served to locate additional mineralized zones and extension to known mineralization; confirm that drill intersections at depth are continuous to surface, by the use of near horizontal drilling and trenching; and define higher grade zones within the existing inferred resource category.

A consulting group has been engaged to complete an updated resource estimate for Tor Uluala for release in late 2015.

Martabe is on the western side of the Indonesian island of Sumatra in the Province of North Sumatra, in the Batangtoru sub-district. Martabe is established under a sixth generation Contract of Work (CoW) signed in April 1997.

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