Diamond core drilling by Angkor Gold Corp has intersected mineralized epithermal gold veins throughout 1.5 square kilometres in the Katieng area of the Kingdom of Cambodia. All drilling focused on and around the Katieng intrusive.

Low sulphidation, gold-hosted, epithermal veins have been intersected in every drilling program conducted in the Katieng area, including those conducted by previous concession-holder Liberty Mining International in 2008.

At Pheap Vein Prospect further drilling of four holes for 114 metres in July returned encouraging results from the eastern extension. Best results were 0.85 metres from 12.65 metres @ 10.30 grams/tonne gold and 7.8 grams/tonne silver, 1.45 metres from 16.15 metres @ 0.41 grams/tonne gold and 7.6 grams/tonne silver, 0.40 metres from 19.55 metres @ 2.91 grams/tonne gold and 7.9 grams/tonne silver, and 0.35 metres from 23.90 metres @ 1.69 grams/tonne gold and 23.2 grams/tonne silver.

Best earlier results were 1.12 metres from 13.93 metres @ 2.30 grams/tonne gold and 3.8 grams/tonne silver, including 0.25 metres @ 5.65 grams/tonne gold and 7.5 grams/tonne silver; 1.52 metres from 15.8 metres @ 3.08 grams/tonne gold and 4.9 grams/tonne silver, including 0.66 metres @ 6.89 grams/tonne gold and 10.7 grams/tonne silver; and 1.23 metres from 10.12 metres @ 0.62 grams/tonne gold and 2.5 grams/tonne silver.

These results, along with the previous April results, indicate an expanded strike zone of 176 metres on the vein and mineralization remaining open along strike and depth.

Combined results indicate a continuation of the mineralized epithermal vein system to the east, allowing scope for further drill testing following the monsoon season. Creek mapping in the steep creek gully, adjacent to the north and east of the drilling, has shown a broadening of the redbed sandstone unit below and to the north of the collars.

Just 1km south of Pheap is an 8 metre-deep winze and open stope on the narrow quartz-carbonate Hilltop prospect vein, from which grab samples have returned values of 31.9 grams/tonne gold and 23.8 grams/tonne silver, and 31.1 grams/tonne gold and 56.1 grams/tonne silver, both with significant lead and strong arsenic. No prior drilling had been conducted in this greenfields area.

A short drilling program of two holes for 79 metres was initiated to test the values in the Hilltop prospect. It returned 0.40 metres from 16 metres @ 0.41 grams/tonne gold and 2.20 grams/tonne silver, 0.50 metres from 27.50 metres @ 0.46 grams/tonne gold and 1.60 grams/tonne silver, and 0.30 metres from 15.0 metres @ 11.20 grams/tonne gold and 13.90 grams/tonne silver.

The results demonstrate a potential for further epithermal vein discoveries in this area. Detailed field mapping has been earmarked following the monsoon season, with the potential for further drilling in mind.

Two test holes were completed on a third epithermal vein prospect in the area for a total of 148.2 metres. Cha Vein Prospect is 500 metres east of Hilltop and 1km southeast of Pheap. One hole returned 0.25 metres from 16.25 metres @ 1.07 grams/tonne gold and 5.3 grams/tonne silver. The drilling indicated that there is an epithermal vein system but it appears to be marginal and requires further investigation.

Angkor’s seven Cambodian exploration licences cover 1448sqkm, which the company has been actively exploring over the past six years.