Boart Longyear has launched the MDR700, the next generation underground coring rig with advanced mobility, which saves time when moving from hole to hole.

BL MDR700The powerful MDR700 utilizes Boart Longyear underground exploration technology like the LM700 feed frame and offers wide drilling angles; quick and easy setup, operation and maintenance; advanced mobility; and engineered safety controls.

Boart Longyear says the next-generation design of the integrated positioner and turntable offers extremely wide drilling angles and impressive reach to make positioning and drilling a series of holes easier. The rig features sophisticated articulations with three turning points, which enables drilling 270 degrees horizontally and vertically up to vertically down. The MDR700 also allows drilling in a spherical manner without having to reposition the unit.

It says set-up is quick and easy with the fully hydraulic positioning system and handheld remote controller. Rig moves are faster and easier with the 4WD diesel engine-powered Manitou carrier. Operating the MDR700 and the rod handler is smooth and easy when paired with the optional Drill Control Interface (DCi). The MDR700’s maintenance-friendly layout also provides easy access for hydraulic servicing.

In a study where the rig was moved 500 metres, the average time to move the MDR700 rig from hole to hole proved 80% faster than a regular underground exploration rig.

The carrier features three available steering modes – four-wheel, two-wheel and crab-like movement – so manoeuvring underground is easier and faster. The four-wheel steering provides better turning radius in restricted spaces. The two-wheel steering is for on-road driving. And the crab-like movement makes the carrier agile for lateral approaches and delicate exits. The MDR700 rig is easy to navigate and can move at up to 10 km/h. For improved visibility and safety, multiple cameras are located on the rig and viewed/monitored from the cabin of the carrier.

The MDR700 is powered by a 90kW electric motor and features the Boart Longyear LM700 feed frame delivering 81.4kN of pullback. The rig also features a breakout system on the rotation unit that uses high-pressure oil and gear rack assistance to effortlessly break rod joints.

Celebrating its 125th year anniversary in 2015, Boart Longyear provides drilling services and products for mining and drilling companies globally. It also has a substantial presence in aftermarket parts and service, energy, mine de-watering, oil sands exploration and production drilling. The Global Drilling Services division operates in more than 30 countries for a diverse mining customer base spanning a wide range of commodities, including copper, gold, nickel, zinc, uranium and other metals and minerals.

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