Australian dust management company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) continues to develop ground-breaking industrial solutions and has launched Hammer, a dynamic road dust suppressant ideal for underground mining.

RST David HandelRST says Hammer is the ideal solution for unsealed ‘dynamic’ roads that are watered, continually graded and worked hard, as well as permanent surrounding roads. It achieves excellent results in underground mining applications, which can require specialist solutions due to situational factors such as operating within an enclosed space, increased ventilation and higher evaporation rates.

Hammer will withstand the harshest conditions, is suitable for reactive or non-reactive soil types, and delivers a significant reduction in watering and maintenance requirements while producing standard reductions in road dust generation.

RST is a global market leader in developing fast, effective and environmentally friendly dust, soil and water solutions for the mining, construction, civil and agricultural industries, and has designed Hammer to save water, reduce watering cycles and increase fleet efficiency with minimal upfront implementation costs.

Created with operational optimisation as a priority, the application of Hammer delivers minimal requirements for unsealed road maintenance programs and produces freight cost savings due to minimal dosage rates.

RST operations and technical director David Handel said the Hammer solution was the latest chemical innovation developed through RST’s ongoing research and development programs. “Hammer is a hard hitting, dynamic road dust suppressant ideal for underground mining as the solution to operational optimisation challenges.

“Dust suppression for underground mining is more important than ever, with mine operators needing to ensure they provide employees with an environment that is safe to work in. RST has responded to client demand and developed Hammer specifically for underground mining application to greatly improve dust control using significantly less water.

“Adding Hammer into the water used to suppress mechanical dust lift-off from surfaces allows for the aggregation of the fine particles, making them larger and heavier to minimise dust lift-off and reduce the height of dust that does lift of. Hammer works to compact the road running surface and after continued use helps reduce roll resistance and surface degradation, producing significant savings by reducing the time between repeat watering and road maintenance requirements.

“The Hammer product is environmentally safe, dilutes easily into the water cart, and is applied topically for instant results. “Hammer is just one of a range of solutions that RST has developed for underground mining.”

A small amount of the Hammer solution is added directly into each load of water being applied to the road surface, and the frequency of applications will reduce with product build up. Ultra-low dosage rates depend on water quality and material types, and RST has a range of dosing pumps available to inject the correct dosage into each water cart.

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