Stans Energy Corp announces that a lithium carbonate has been produced from lithium concentrate extracted from the Pervomayskiy Lithium Mineralization Stockpile in Far East Russia using a patentable milling and hydro-metallurgical technology.

Laboratory research was completed on three different milling processes to determine the optimal composition of a concentrate to be processed into lithium carbonate.

It was determined that a concentrate yielding 4.48% Li20 is the ideal source material for the developed hydrometallurgical technology proposed for the production of lithium carbonate from the Pervomayskiy Stockpile. The lithium carbonate product will be suitable for sale on the world market.

Research on the beneficiation and processing of the lithium mineralisation and lithium concentrate was performed by VNIIHT (Lead Institute of Chemical Technology), which is overseen by the Science and Innovation Corp, a research and development branch of Rosatom, the Russian State Nuclear Energy Agency.

Stans’ partners, Pervomayskiy GOK, undertook this work, with partial government funding supported by Rosatom.

“It is encouraging to see the amount of the development and research our partners have already conducted on the Pervomayskiy project. Stans is moving quickly to conduct due diligence of the geological and technical materials provided by our partners,” states Stans' interim president and CEO Rodney Irwin.

In August Stans entered into an MOU for an option to acquire 100% of Pervomayskiy GOK LLC (PGOK), a Russian limited liability corporation, the owner of a lithium mineralisation stockpile, the Zabaikalsky Mill and supporting infrastructure.

Under the terms of the MOU, Stans and PGOK agreed on consideration for the possible development of the stockpile, re-commissioning of the mill and the addition of a lithium carbonate production facility.

Stans Energy Corp is a resource development company focused on advancing rare and specialty metals properties and processing technologies. Stans is transitioning into a supplier of materials and technologies that will assist in satisfying the future energy supply, storage and transmission needs of the world.

Previously, the company acquired, among other things, the right to mine the past producing rare earth mine, Kutessay II, in the Kyrgyz Republic. Due to the expropriatory actions taken by the Kyrgyz Government, the company is undertaking international arbitration litigation to protect its rights and recover damages estimated at over US$210 million, caused by the Republic.

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