Irving Resources advises that exploration at its Omu Gold Project in Hokkaido, Japan, has progressed as planned despite an abnormally wet summer. Work is being undertaken by Mitsui Mineral Development Engineering Co Ltd (MINDECO) under the supervision of Irving personnel.

At the Omui mine site and surrounding areas, detailed soil sampling on a 50x50 metre staggered grid is expected to be completed over the next few weeks.

Detailed geologic data and mineralised rock chip samples are being collected along with soil samples. A close spaced gravity survey is also being undertaken to help better evaluate the position of potential mineralised faults.

Upon completion of the gravity survey, a magnetic survey will be undertaken to identify areas of hydrothermal alteration that is potentially associated with mineralisation.

Data collected during the 2017 program will be used to develop a drill program at Omu to be executed in 2018.

Across the greater Omu gold project area, stream sediment sampling has recently been completed. A total of 100 bulk leach extractable gold (BLEG) samples, specialised samples consisting of fine silt and clay, have been collected and scheduled to be shipped to ALS Global in Vancouver for analysis.

Gold and pathfinder elements are analysed by ultra-high sensitivity means allowing for effective evaluation of stream catchments for potential outcropping mineralisation. While collecting BLEG samples, MINDECO staff noted and sampled mineralised stream cobbles at sample sites in many stream drainages.

Upon receipt of BLEG data, Irving is planning follow-up prospecting activities to identify mineralized outcrops in prospective stream catchments.

On August 1, Irving Japan officially opened an office in the town of Omu. This will serve as a permanent base from which Irving plans to explore and develop the Omu project and its other gold projects in the region.

In preparation for conducting more advanced exploration activities at Omu, Irving has appointed Toshiyuki Goto as general manager of Irving Japan. His highly notable career includes 25 years in operations and development of Sumitomo Metal Mining Co Ltd's Hishikari gold mine, the largest gold mine in Japan.

Irving Japan also appointed its technical advisor Hidetoshi Takaoka to serve as chief mining engineer. He served as chief geologist of Sumitomo.

Irving has also secured a further 50.5 hectares of surface rights in the Omui mine area, which is part of the greater Omu gold project. These surface rights are considered critical for Irving to proceed with mining work.

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