Business Venture (BVI) announced their expansion into China and Japan, signalling the company's solidification of its mining and minerals and blockchain business units across the Asia Pacific region.

The expansion into Asia follows the company's own five-year expansion plan, and aligns with China's 2020 objectives. The plan aims to grow mineral assets to hedge against uncertainty in the equities markets, while building on BVI's own existing proprietary blockchain resources trading platform.

“We saw severe fluctuations in the gold market in 2016, coupled with a sharp interest and increasing desire for gold as a safe-haven amongst global markets investors," said Mr Howard Blankfein, CEO of BVI. "We see this as a reaction to US political and global geopolitical uncertainties. Market conditions presented an opportunity for BVI to capitalise on gold, copper and zinc mineral developments in the Asia-Pacific region. It was an opportunity for our organisation to really commit to its global expansion, specifically into China and Japan.”

The company is currently seeking office locations in Japan, Hong Kong and potentially Shenzhen, mainland China.

Source: SOURCE PR Newswire

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