Heron Resources has awarded the port services contract for its wholly-owned Woodlawn Zinc-Copper Project located near Tarago, 250km southwest of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, to Port Kembla Gateway (PKG), an Australian owned and operated private company.

PKG was established in the 1980s to service the previous operations at the Woodlawn Mine. Currently, it provides storage and handling services for the export of copper concentrates from NSW mines, as well as other bulk commodities.

The port services contract encompasses provision of receival, storage and shiploading services for 100% of the zinc and copper concentrate products produced from the Woodlawn Project for a period of five years with an option to extend beyond this initial term.

Under the contract, zinc and copper concentrates will be transported from the mine site by road to PKG's facilities in the Outer Harbour, Port Kembla, where they will be unloaded into sheds specifically designed for the safe and weathertight storage of mineral concentrates, and warehoused in preparation for shipping.

Port Kembla Gateway's Managing Director, Mr Doyle Cook stated that PKG are delighted to provide a cost effective, safe and environmentally responsible solution for Heron to deliver their zinc and copper concentrates in bulk to export markets.

"Port Kembla Gateway welcomes Heron as the latest base metals producer in New South Wales. The port services contract delivers a significant increase in movements through Port Kembla Gateway, eventually lifting our concentrate movements by more than 25%, which will have flow-on benefits for the Port and the local community", said Mr Cook.

Source: www.heronresources.com.au