As previously announced, in the late afternoon of Friday 9 March 2018, a limited breakthrough of tailings material was identified at the Cadia northern tailings facility embankment. This breakthrough was and remains contained within the southern tailings facility. There were no injuries as a result of the event and Newcrest continues to believe there is no ensuing threat to personal safety.

TAMMar29 img05

Cadia Valley processing facility. Image source: Newcrest

To allow site management to focus on the evaluation of the event and remediation plans, Newcrest progressively suspended all mining and processing operations at Cadia, fully effective on 10 March 2018.

Newcrest will today recommence mining operations at Cadia East. Pursuant to a predefined test and response program, mining will initially be from Panel Cave 1 and then progressively recommence from Panel Cave 2. Mined ore will be stockpiled at surface until processing recommences.

Processing remains suspended. Work is being undertaken on multiple recovery scenarios, including alternative tailings locations such as the old Cadia Hill open pit. Newcrest continues to work with the NSW regulators on permitting the Cadia Hill open pit tailings option and has commenced procurement of some of the necessary equipment to allow this possibility to be utilised if approved. A prohibition notice issued on depositing tailings in the northern tailings facility remains in place.

Newcrest has been working closely with the NSW regulators, who have been consulted on Newcrest’s plan to recommence mining today.


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