Crater Gold Mining announced that it has received the final report for the petrological examination undertaken on eight polished sections of graphite mineralised core samples from the Golden Gate Graphite Project undertaken by Pterosaur Petrology, Townsville, Queensland. These core samples were from the two diamond core holes drilled by the Company late Q4 2017.

This work has identified the presence of significant graphite flake sizes of 0.05 to 0.50mm, with an average of around 0.25mm. Most of the large graphite flakes (0.18 to 0.30mm) and jumbo graphite flakes (0.30 to 0.50mm) appear to be largely independent from other mineral grains, which may render them relatively easy to liberate during processing. It should be noted, however, that the relative percentages of the flake sizes present cannot be determined at this stage as the petrological work has been undertaken on small samples which have been selected to investigate specific textural features and minerals present and as such are unlikely to be representative of the graphite mineralisation overall. More detailed investigation will be undertaken by the metallurgical scoping test work that is currently in progress on a representative composited sample.

Managing Director Russ Parker stated that “The Company is particularly pleased by the identification of jumbo and large graphite flake sizes at Golden Gate from the drilling late last year. Previous historical test work had been inconclusive on this matter with testing having been undertaken on grab samples from surface and oxidised ore. We are also encouraged by initial indications that the graphite may liberate well during processing.

“We are now planning to undertake further drilling and testing of the graphite areas identified by the historical drilling over the balance of the year to continue to advance the project while also evaluating commercial possibilities. The project looks like it has the potential to offer a premium product sought by end users”.


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