Artemis Resources has commenced drilling on ASD-1, the planned 3,300m-plus deep hole, designed to drill and test the many rock sequences in the Pilbara Basin from surface and deep into the basement’s geology. The planned depth of ASD-1 would make it the deepest diamond drill hole in Australia.


Image source: ©Artemis

Artemis will be working with the CSIRO on ASD-1, with CSIRO will focusing on characterising the drill core obtained from the deep hole through the Pilbara stratigraphy. They propose to use up-to-date geochemical and geophysical methods to provide stratigraphic and petrophysical constraints on the Neoarchean and Mesoarchean sequences and study important target horizons for Artemis. This will be one of the first major projects to take advantage of CSIRO’s Drill Core Lab facility in Perth. The proposed research will examine the stratigraphy of the drill core using XRF-based chemistry and include focused studies of ASD-1’s key target horizons.

The total cost of drilling the hole has been estimated at approximately AUD$ 1.4 million. This estimate is based on a 3,300-metre drill hole but may vary depending on ground conditions encountered and the ultimate depth drilled. Artemis has requested the drill contractor to make provision for a deeper hole should this be required.

To assist with the costs of drilling this well, co-funding of $200,000 has been approved by the Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS), provided by the West Australian Government. Artemis have also been advised that $50,000 will be made available by Australian Federal Government directly to the CSIRO for support under their Innovation Connections Facilitation Scheme, through the Federal Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

ASD-1 is located on E47/3707, some 43km south of Artemis’ Radio Hill Mine in the West Pilbara, Western Australia.


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