Roy Hill has been awarded the 2018 Safety and Health Resources Sector Engineering Award at the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) Awards for Excellence ceremony in Perth.

TAMNov01 img08The Engineering Award recognises an innovation in maintenance, engineering or infrastructure that has enhanced the safety and health of employees.

Roy Hill was recognised for its Lightning Protection System (LPS) – an innovative and long-term solution to address the significant risk of lightning strikes on the safety and wellbeing of employees at the Roy Hill Mine Village. The LPS creates lightning safe pathways and shelters by capturing a lightning strike at a preferred point, and redirecting the current via down-conductors to a grounding system.

Roy Hill CEO Barry Fitzgerald said that winning the Safety and Health Resources Sector Award is an important acknowledgment of Roy Hill’s safety, innovation and improvement culture.

“Roy Hill holds a passionate belief that safety is a direct by-product of living by our values of Lead, Care, Think and Perform. Our values underpin our commitment to creating a culture where people are empowered to get involved in safety and identify opportunities for improvement across our operations. The Lightning Protection System is just one example of this improvement in action.

“Prior to the installation of the LPS, our people were required to remain indoors during the frequent lightning episodes that occur in the Pilbara. Roy Hill staff can now safely move around the camp during lightning episodes, to and from village facilities.”

The LPS addresses a significant safety risk without people consciously changing their routine or behaviours, and it not only improves safety, but also enhances the lifestyle and experience of Roy Hill’s FIFO employees.

“Roy Hill will continue to look for innovative solutions to improve the physical safety, health, and wellbeing of our people”, Mr Fitzgerald added.