Cat® mining trucks working within MineStar™ Command for hauling, recently reached a milestone of one billion tonnes hauled.

TAMNov21 img06Caterpillar deployed the first six commercial autonomous trucks in 2013, and the fleet has now grown to more than 150 with six different mining companies operating Command for hauling in iron ore, copper and oil sands.

“Command for hauling has proven its value to mining customers,” said Sean McGinnis, product manager, Caterpillar Mining Technology. “That value is reflected in the rate at which the Cat autonomous fleet achieved this milestone. The fleet is growing quickly and production continues to climb as mining companies benefit from greater truck productivity, increased truck utilization, consistent truck operation and reduced costs.

In the process of hauling one billion tonnes, the autonomous trucks travelled nearly 35 million kilometres.

“No lost time injuries have been attributed to Cat autonomous haulage. Command for hauling has demonstrated how it enhances safety by eliminating truck operating errors and by reducing the number of people working in the active mining area,” Mr McGinnis said.

Initial development of Cat autonomous mining trucks began more than 20 years ago, with Caterpillar debuting its autonomous mining truck in 1996.

Michael Murphy, chief engineer of Cat MineStar pointed out that Caterpillar was an early adopter of GPS guidance technology.

“At that time, Caterpillar focused on developing the building blocks for automation. These technologies are now the core of MineStar capabilities, which assist onboard operators and enable teleremote, semi-autonomous and autonomous machine operation,” said Mr Murphy.

The current Cat autonomous truck fleet is primarily composed of Cat 793F trucks, which carry 227 tonnes payload. But the range of truck models is expanding. Caterpillar has developed and is deploying autonomous Cat 797F (363 tonnes payload) and Cat 789D (181 tonnes payload) trucks. To serve customers with mixed fleets, Caterpillar has developed a retrofit kit for another brand of trucks. The retrofit equips the trucks to work autonomously within Command for hauling.