Australian battery metals technology and exploration company, Trans Pacific Energy Group (TPE), announced the appointment of renowned Western Australian geologist, Neil Hutchison, to its Expert Advisory Board.

TPE’s mission is to provide the battery metals necessary to help power the new, renewable-energy-based world economy, which is estimated to be worth more than US$2 billion by 2025, with demand from Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers alone expected to increase tenfold according to UBS.

TPE CEO, Arthur Darivas, said the appointment of Mr Hutchison marks a significant milestone for the company as it moves towards obtaining its first JORC Exploration Target at Lake Yindarlgooda, a promising nickel and cobalt prospect in Western Australia, 60 kilometres east of Kalgoorlie.

Mr Darivas said Lake Yindarlgooda contained battery grade nickel with cobalt credits and was being explored in response to the projected increase in international demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs).

UK-based Fitch Solutions has found that nickel will be the “primary demand beneficiary of the EV revolution” during the next 10 years.

“We’re very close to obtaining a JORC Exploration Target at Lake Yindarlgooda, a promising nickel and cobalt prospect just 60 kilometres east of Karlgoorlie,” Mr Darivas said.

“Mr Hutchison has been instrumental in getting us to this stage as a consultant, and he will now upgrade his contribution as a member of our Expert Advisory Board.

“He will provide invaluable insight as we continue to explore the project with a view to taking advantage of the expected increase in international demand for nickel to be used to power the global uptake in Electric Vehicles.”

Mr Darivas said Mr Hutchison has more than 25 years’ industry experience, with significant expertise in essential battery metals such as nickel, cobalt, copper and lithium.

“Neil Hutchison was an integral part of the development of Jubilee Mines’ successful Cosmos Nickel Project, which led to Xstrata’s eventual acquisition of Jubilee Mines, and Poseidon Nickel Lake Johnston, Mt Windarra and Cerberus projects,” Mr Darivas said.

“These are all neighbouring projects to TPE’s tenements in Western Australia, so Neil has strong knowledge of nearby terrain and how it interacts with the geological structures within our own tenements.”

For his part, Mr Hutchison said he decided to join TPE because of the quality of its Board and management team.

“I’m exposed to a lot of opportunities in the metals exploration sector and I only back those companies with strong Boards and management teams,” Mr Hutchison said.

“Obviously it’s important to have quality assets but a venture’s level of success is ultimately determined by the quality of the leaders involved.

“I’m pleased to join the TPE team considering its demonstrated professionalism and significant breadth of experience.”


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