Vale has identified movement at the northern slope of the Gongo Soco mine pit in Barão de Cocais, Minas Gerais, warning of a possible dam collapse.

The mine pit, located 65 kilometres away from the site of the Brumadinho dam failure, has been inactive since 2016.

As a preventive measure, Vale is evaluating the potential impacts from vibrations caused by this displacement on the Sul Superior dam, which is located approximately 1.5 kilometres away from the slope. Currently, the pit and the dam are under 24-hour real-time remote monitoring.

The Sul Superior dam was classified as Level 3 on 22 March 2019, and the Self-Rescue Zone (ZAS, Zona de Autossalvamento) had already been preventively evacuated on 8 February 2019. Vale reports that g 458 people were relocated.

“All preventive measures for this scenario have already been taken, including emergency training with residents of the Secondary Safety Zone (ZSS, Zona de Segurança Secundária),” reported Vale in a statement.

“Also, in March [this year], the Civil Defence and Vale equipped the ZSS with signs for escape routes. Meeting points, with 24/7 teams ready to assist the population, were defined as well.”