Underground mining contractor PYBAR Mining Services has been awarded the contract for the development of the Hamlet North project at Gold Fields’ St Ives gold mine located outside Kambalda, 80 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

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Gold Fields St Ives operations. Image ©Gold Fields

PYBAR is contracted to deliver rapid development over a period of 24 months, providing a highly-skilled workforce, equipment and consumables to complete the scope of the project. The contract will commence on 1 July 2019 with completion expected in June 2021.

The existing Hamlet-Athena complex comprises the completed Athena underground mine and the currently operating Hamlet mine. Hamlet North will be developed from the Hamlet decline over a four-year period to 2022. Hamlet underground will operate concurrently in 2019. Development works will include 8,796 metres of decline, incline, and level development.

An initial workforce of 42 will be employed at the commencement of the contract after which it will increase to more than 60 after three months and remain in place for the rest of the contract.

PYBAR CEO Brendan Rouse said that the contract leverages PYBAR’s core strength in rapid development and will see the operation scale very quickly over the coming months both in terms of manpower and machinery.

“Our focus will be on the safe delivery of high-quality work, aligned with performance targets,” commented Mr Rouse.
“We also have a strong history of supporting the local communities in which we operate. As part of our recruitment program, we will look to include a mix of local residents and FIFO workers. In addition to the employment opportunities that will be available we are also committed to the use of local services”.

PYBAR is an Australia-based provider with core competencies in metalliferous underground hard rock mining. Founded in 1993, PYBAR’s success to date is based on safe, rapid underground infrastructure development and consistent reliable production, delivering on projects from large established mining operations to greenfield developments.

Source: pybar.com.au   

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