Thor Mining is re-assaying samples from historical drilling at the 100 per cent owned Pilot Mountain in Nevada USA. This follows gold assays received with metallurgical test work results from drill samples from the Desert Scheelite deposit.

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Pilot Mountain deposit locations

Up to 1,200 samples from 27 drillholes at the Desert Scheelite, Garnet, and Good Hope deposits from drilling programs between 2012 and 2017 will be re-assayed, with gold assays of 0.29g/t in the initial metallurgical process feed, and 0.33g/t in the combined tailings.

Mick Billing, Executive Chairman sees this as potentially a very exciting phase for Thor’s Pilot Mountain project.

“In the event that gold appears with any consistency in the Pilot Mountain deposits, we may have a step change of substance for this project,” commented Mr Billing.

Successful locked cycle metallurgical test work conducted on 600 kilograms of drill core from the Desert Scheelite deposit at Pilot Mountain, announced 11 June 2019, revealed for the first time the presence of potentially economic 0.29g/t gold in the sample.

The tailings produced from the test work also contained levels of gold assayed at 0.33 g/t, indicating some potential for gold recovery following flotation of scheelite and other minerals.

Thor reports that material selected for testing was from three diamond drill holes considered to be representative of the potential processing feed from the first few years of open pit mining at the Desert Scheelite deposit.

Since 2012, a total of 17 holes have been drilled into the Desert Scheelite deposit, along with four holes into the Good Hope Deposit and six holes into the Garnet Deposit. Samples from each of these holes were assayed for a suite of metals, including tungsten, copper, zinc, and silver. The samples from these testing programs are still available, and will be submitted for assay in Reno, Nevada USA.

Gold has not been routinely assayed at Pilot Mountain, either historically or by Thor. Until follow-up assays on the historical drilling are available, it is uncertain if gold will have a material economic impact on the project.