Conveyor Manufacturers Australia (CMA) has recently entred into a collaborative partnership with Australian-based INORAiL, to deliver world class technology for its Redline™ underground conveyor system.

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The Redline™ underground conveyor system revolutionising underground mining and tunnelling. Image Source ©CMA

As an emerging leader in truly innovative conveyor technology, CMA supports its customers to generate a step-change in performance and productivity. While CMA has a global footprint, its roots are firmly based in the Australian mining sector.

As part of the agreement between the two companies, INORAiL will supply the monorail systems for CMA’s Redline™ underground conveyor systems, along with service and maintenance support for its clients.

The Redline™ underground conveyor system is revolutionising the way underground mining and tunnelling currently occurs.

Redline™ is a modular conveyor system that is monorail-mounted, and advances and retracts in a dedicated recovery centre, where conveyor frames are wheeled into place via a belt lifting station.

Manual handling is almost entirely removed from the process. Redline™ offers the ability to extend or retract a conveyor system without the need to stop the conveyor. Production can continue uninterrupted.

The result is greater production time, safer operations and improved profitability.
Redline™ is applicable to all underground roadway development, Longwall and Pillar extraction in coal mines, single-entry driveage and civil tunnelling.

Vince Martin, CMA Director, believes the partnership to be a strong strategic fit, “leveraging the two leading companies’ respective strengths to deliver true innovation in the mining industry”.

“The agreement with INORAiL reflects CMA’s commitment to working with suppliers who share a vision to significantly improve the operating efficiency and financial outcomes for our customers”, said Ben Smith, CMA Co-Founder and Engineer.

“In choosing to partner with CMA, we demonstrate our desire to associate with organisations who are true visionaries and lift the standards of the industry as a whole. The alliance fits with our strong focus on R&D and desire to create the best possible solutions in the market”, said Tim Leeson, INORAiL Managing Director.

CMA and INORAiL are in the process of building a demonstration site for the Redline™ underground system leveraging the engineering and superior products of both partners. The demonstration site will afford industry the opportunity to ‘touch and feel’ the system, and experience firsthand its tangible benefits.