A new drill program will start next week on one of Western Australia’s hottest nickel footprints when Legend Mining commences its next round exploration push on its Rockford project in the Fraser Range in the State’s southwest.

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Fraser Range District – Rockford Project location. Image source ©Legend Mining

The schedule marks a new era for Legend whose Fraser Range prospect has attracted veteran miner Mark Creasy and top WA nickel producer, Independence Group, to its share register with a total holding in excess of 40 per cent.

Legend Managing Director, Mark Wilson, said a diamond drill rig had been booked for the drill start and barring any delays, should commence next Monday.

“The rig has been booked for 21 October and barring any unforeseen delays, drilling should commence that week with the first hole into the D5 target,” Mr Wilson said.

“The prospectivity of this conductor is upgraded by geology, geochemistry and the earlier petrology report from RKDD002.”

The planned drillhole has a planned depth of 500 metres with contact with the D5 conductor expected at around 380 metres depth.

Mr Wilson said post completion of the drilling, downhole EM surveying of the hole will be undertaken to ensure the conductor has been intersected, and to test for any offhole conductors.

“Geophysical modelling of LF-MLTEM data from the recently completed Area D survey over the previously identified D5 conductor has now been finalised.

“The survey was successful in better constraining the original D5 conductor, plus also highlighting a second very strong discrete feature associated within the previously defined D1 conductor,” said Mr Wilson.

The new schedule marks yet another turning point for Legend.

In the past decade or so, the Company has moved out of a heavy debt and low cash position into a no debt, strong cash position (currently AU$13.5 million) and holdings of more than 3000 square kilometres in wholly owned and joint venture tenements within the highly prospective Fraser Range area.

Fraser Range is already home to the Nova nickel mine to the south and the Tropicana gold mine to its north, with Legend’s Rockford project located approximately midway.

“Our exploration focus is to target at Rockford, Nova style nickel-copper, VMS style zinc-copper-silver and Tropicana style structurally controlled gold mineralisation,” Mr Wilson said.

“The suite of data sets we have collated for our Rockford holding have proved extremely valuable in identifying areas for priority follow-up exploration.”

Source: legendmining.com.au

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