FYI Resources has announced the first round of results from the Company’s recently completed high purity alumina (HPA) pilot plant trial.

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FYI delivers high-grade HPA from trials

According to the company, the results achieved the target grade, averaging 99.99 per cent aluminium oxide, exceeding FYI’s expectations.

Commenting on the pilot plant HPA analyses, FYI Managing Director, Roland Hill, said that the Company was very pleased with the initial round of pilot plant results which demonstrated four nines purity in the material produced.

“The achievement is outstanding and is a fundamental validation that our flow sheet design and our long-term strategy to refine feedstock from our Cadoux project to produce high quality HPA is based on sound technical principles,” commented Mr Hill.

“We see the results as being critical to the broader development of the flowsheet, particularly in light of several possible improvements that were noted during trial production which we are eager to see how this develops with follow up analysis of the optimised phase of production”.

FYI’s pilot plant trial production was designed to test functional operations of its innovative HPA flowsheet design and to observe and analyse the continuous ‘end-to-end’ process operation for scale up factors for inclusion into the proposed full-scale commercial plant.

Using feedstock from Cadoux, FYI completed two pilot plant trial product phases: one phase comprised a standard process, the second phase included an optimised trial which included flowsheet and materials handling modifications to the plant which may have the potential to improve upon the targeted 4N HPA.

Samples of the final HPA product from the first phase of trial production were submitted for high level Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry (GDMS) analysis to EAG Laboratories in New York, USA for independent, high accuracy, confirmation of product grades. The second, or optimised, phase is currently being retained for internal review and will be sent to EAG shortly.

EAG Laboratories confirmed the first phase samples achieved an average grade of over 99.99 per cent aluminium oxide.


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