Maptek has announced Eduardo Coloma as the new global CEO to lead the business.

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Maptek CEO Eduardo Coloma

Mr Coloma is well known in the industry, having worked in South America and Australia for 20 years, with expertise in technical and managerial roles.

Commenting on the appointment, Peter Johnson, Director of Maptek, says the move is a very positive step for the company.

“This appointment will allow for further global growth in our business and I am confident that Eduardo is the perfect CEO to succeed me,” said Mr Johnson.

As a Mining Engineer, Mr Coloma has hands-on understanding of the needs of the industry and is keen to see Maptek take the development and implementation of innovative technology to the next level.

“Advocating for customers is our core commitment,” stated Mr Coloma.

“A clear vision of the role technology plays in mining will ensure we offer solutions that help mines work in the easiest, safest and most effective way. Close alignment with customer needs is our hallmark.

“Our solutions meet everyday challenges as well as help future-proof the business. This is the value that Maptek has delivered for nearly 40 years and remains our guiding principle for the next 40.”
Technology is a critical differentiator for operations. Automation and digitalisation continuously rank high on the list of enablers to increase safety, reduce costs and improve productivity.
“Maptek helps our customers to visualise, analyse, model and optimise every component of the mining process,” commented Coloma.
“Today, mining is all about how to transform data into information to support the decision-making process in a timely manner.

“My experience across different countries and cultures has cultivated strong relationships within Maptek as well as with our customers.

“Diverse roles in the South American and Asia-Pacific regions have given me fresh perspectives on how our customers operate and how different solutions can be transferred.”