Australian software firm RPMGlobal has taken on the challenge of mine planning horizon misalignment with the release of the Attain short-term financial optimisation tool.

The software can align with the mine’s long-term plan, giving the user the best short-term schedules and net present value. It can work complementary to all mining processes and tools.

“The dynamic nature of mining operations creates a high degree of uncertainty across many different elements. Unexpected events often arise which require mine planners to reschedule their mine plan,” the company said.

“Should the short-term mine plan deviate too far off course from the long-term plan then value can be eroded by the failure to achieve the strategic long-term goals.”

CEO Richard Mathews said that, in Attain, mine planners can see newly aligned goals and then be able to review and select the preferred short-range schedule.

Attain targets the two-to-six-month planning horizon, RPMGlobal noted. However, users can easily use the system’s interface to select their preferred long-term plan that then becomes Attain’s optimisation objective.

“Short-term planners are always reacting to events that cause a deviation from the mine plan, but they often don’t have a way of knowing what the unintended consequences of the resulting replanning decisions are on the life of the mine,” said Mathews.

In related company news, RPMGlobal said 9 June that it has added new language support features for its key software offerings. 

The latest release of XPAC Solutions now supports five languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

RPMGlobal has also added new language support for its newly acquired inventory optimisation management software tool IMAFS; it now supports three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.