Indonesia – TAKRAF

After the successful submission of a scoping study for a large Indonesian copper and gold producer and its ambitious project last year, the TMTC (TAKRAF Mining Technology Centre) was once again commissioned to conduct a feasibility-level engineering study. This complex study, awarded earlier in the year, focused on the crushing, stockpiling and transportation of 70 mtpa of ore from a new project to an existing coarse ore stockpile.

This large-scale copper, gold and silver mineral resource is located in a mountainous region in the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia. The project is located approximately 60 km from one of the company’s mature operations, with various scoping studies looking at transporting ore to an expanded bulk handling ore processing plant. Rico Neumann, chief mine planning engineer, had this to say, “This large study goes a long way in confirming TMTC’s strong global reputation – that we have the experience and know-how to accurately develop and determine the best economic solution for our clients’ specific project requirements.”

Singapore - Klöckner & Co.

Headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, Klöckner & Co. is an independent steel producer and metal distributor with a history that runs more than 110 years. It has realized that its key assets will soon be its platform and intellectual property. Under the kloeckner.i brand, the company has set up a separate entity to drive its digital transformation and create a leading internet service platform for the entire steel industry. On one side, it is integrating its suppliers – big steel producers and start-ups in scrap metals – and, on the other side, its customers. The platform includes a contract platform to get real-time information about contracts and enable direct ordering, a web shop, a mill certificate platform, later delivery notice, and 08:05 mailing on special offers (daily deals). The ambition of Klöckner CEO Gisbert Ruehl is that half of all transactions go through this platform.

In Asia, it is represented by its subsidiary – ODS Metering (Singapore). Since 2007, ODS Metering Systems B.V. has been a member of Klöckner & Co., which is the largest producer-independent distributor of steel and metal and one of the leading steel service center companies worldwide. Based on its distribution and service network of 190 locations in 13 countries, the Group supplies around 130,000 customers with annual turnover of € 6.8 billion in 2018. ODS Metering Systems is a specialist in understanding and implementation of all available high-performance metering technologies for gas and oil applications such as: Turbine, Coriolis (mass), Ultrasonic, Positive Displacement, Orifice meters, Venturi meters, V-Cone meters to be integrated with Analyzers and Sampling Systems and Metering Control Systems.

Case Study: Metso

Using Visualization Sensors in Metal Production for Bubble Monitoring, Metso is using visual sensors to enable clients to monitor the bubbles in their steel production. The amount of air and the size of the bubbles in a steel furnace affects the quality of the final product. However, the intense heat makes it hard to take readings from the molten metal. Visual sensors, coupled with heat sensors, can scan the surface of the molten metal and quickly assess the quality of the steel and automatically identify any adjustments to the process that are needed. The result: a higher-quality, more consistent product.

India - BASF

The BASF Group set up one of its new Creation Centers in the mega-city of Mumbai in late May 2019. In an extended showroom, potential clients can put new materials to the test virtually – and may even generate prototypes as required. The main target group is designers, who are increasingly seeing the question of materials becoming relevant earlier on in the design process due to ever shorter production cycles. “With the Creation Center we are enabling designers, engineers and developers to exploit the full potential of high-performance materials by BASF and inspiring them to create the products of the future,” explained Alexandre Dreyer, head of the Creation Centers, Asia-Pacific, BASF.

Smart Cities - Bosch

The topic of the Smart City, which is especially viral in Asia, provided German technology group Bosch, with an opportunity to become more active in the region. Mega-cities such as Singapore, in particular, are banking on innovative technologies when it comes to meeting future requirements in terms of infrastructure and environmental protection.

Bosch presented the prototype for a driverless shuttle. This was not only intended to demonstrate what a driverless car may look like in the future, but also to show the innovations the company is already providing today.

“We want to show the world that we have a thorough understanding of the systems required, spanning everything from sensors, components and systems to the software and service platforms needed – and we provide them all, too,” stated Bosch CEO Markus Heyn. Although Bosch has stressed time and again that the company does not see itself as developing into a car manufacturer, “in the future, no vehicle will be on the move without digital services by Bosch,” Heyn claimed.

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