Undergrouns survey work at Eldorado Gold's White Mountain project.
Undergrouns survey work at Eldorado Gold's White Mountain project.

DRILLING at Eldorado Gold Corporation’s White Mountain property in Jilin Province has identified a new, deeper zone of high-grade mineralization down-plunge of the current resource in the Central Zone. The exploration drilling has also extended the existing Central Zone resource on the 200 metre level.

The company completed more than 7500 metres of exploration drilling and more than 12,400 metres of delineation drilling at White Mountain in the first nine months of 2014. Underground drilling targeted three areas - Central Zone, North Zone and Northern Deeps Zone. In all zones the new drilling has produced mineralized intersections outside the current resource model or will upgrade existing inferred resources for year-end 2014 calculations.

In the North Zone, high grade intercepts have been obtained in several areas along the margin of the existing resource model. In the Northern Deeps Zone, new drill holes have encountered multiple high-grade zones within the previously defined inferred resource.

Best Central Zone results include 4.8 metres from 124.6 metres @ 5.73 grams/tonne gold, 2.6 metres from 112.5 metres @ 35.70 grams/tonne, 16.1 metres from 35.2 metres @ 4.95 grams/tonne, 26.3 metres from 31.2 metres @ 4.88 grams/tonne, 12.5 metres from 46.5 metres @ 7.93 grams/tonne and 13.9 metres from 43.9 metres @ 7.22 grams/tonne.

Best North Zone results include 9.9 metres from 77.2 metres @ 5.07 grams/tonne, 8.5 metres from 82 metres @ 14.13 grams/tonne, 6.8 metres from 85.9 metres @ 8.22 grams/tonne, 6.0 metres from 91.2 metres @ 7.72 grams/tonne and 21.6 metres from 199.2 metres @ 11.01 grams/tonne.

At Northern Deeps Zone best results were 5.8 metres from 458.8 metres @ 7.22 grams/tonne, 11.9 metres from 419.1 metres @ 20.45 grams/tonne, 31.5 metres from 447.2 metres @ 5.09 grams/tonne and 7.4 metres from 52.0 metres @ 4.37 grams/tonne.

At Jinfeng operation in Guizhou Province resource drilling programs in 2014 are directed towards converting existing inferred resources to measured and indicated resources. A total of 3600 metres of drilling was completed in the first nine months, targeting segments of the F2, F6 and F7 mineralized fault zones.

Best results were 29 metres from 79 metres @ 4.11 grams/tonne, 11 metres from 54 metres @ 5.97 grams/tonne, 14 metres from 46 metres @ 2.80 grams/tonne, 14.1 metres from 145 metres @ 2.93 grams/tonne and 32 metres from 116 metres @ 3.03 grams/tonne.

Meantime, Eldorado has been informed that the approval process for the Eastern Dragon project EIA will be conducted by the Heilongjiang Provincial Environment Protection Bureau, an interim step to the Project Permit Approval by the National Development and Reform Commission.

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