CENTURION Minerals has completed a reconnaissance exploration program on the Slate Belt concession in central Myanmar and continues to compile historical geological and exploration information. The company has identified six priority exploration targets that will be the focus of a phase 2 exploration program.

Centurion is evaluating two mineral exploration concessions in the major north-south trending gold belt in central Myanmar. The Slate Belt concession is about 125km south of Mandalay and covers an area of about 700sqkm.

The Bani concession, also referred to as the Kin Ywar concession, is about 40km north of Mandalay and covers an area of about 1000sqkm. Both properties are road accessible and exploration activities can be completed year-round.

At Slate Belt active mining operations are immediately south and east of the concession boundaries. The Modi Taung mine, a mesothermal lode gold deposit discovered by Ivanhoe Myanmar Holding Ltd in 2000, is about 20km south of the concession and is hosted by Mergui Group mudstone.

Gold/copper/antimony skarn type mineralization occurs in the Lebyin district about 4km east of the concession. Vein type gold mineralization is hosted by Mogok Metamorphic rocks in a number of locations north of the Slate Belt concession including the Shante gold mining district.

A number of gold prospects and one active gold mine are in the vicinity of the Bani concession. The Paung Taung Gold Mine, described as a stratabound lode gold deposit, is about 7.5km south of the concession. Similarly sedimentary rocks hosting gold-bearing quartz vein mineralization occur at the Yegi and Kin Ywar prospects about 1.6km south and 3km west, respectively, of the concession. The succession of sedimentary rocks hosting the Payaung Taung Gold Mine has been mapped to continue onto the concession.

This concession area is subject to seasonal placer mining operations and previous work by the DGSE confirms the presence of gold-bearing stream sediments. Recent evaluation of the local and regional drainage completed by the company suggests that the sedimentary rocks underlying the concession represent a potential source for the placer gold.

Centurion is planning Slate Belt phase 2 exploration activities to commence upon the conclusion of the rainy season and will include advanced exploration in selected target areas as well as continued early stage concession-wide exploration and assessment in both the Slate Belt and Bani concessions.

Centurion’s president and CEO David Tafel says, “The results of the initial field work as well as the recently compiled historical exploration data clearly support our original exploration concepts of exploring for sediment hosted lode gold deposits and intrusion related gold-copper deposits within the Slate Belt concession. The activities concluded to date will be utilized to focus more advanced exploration efforts, particularly in the southern section of the concession.”

Centurion Minerals is a Canadian-based company focused on the exploration and development of gold and other precious metal projects in South East Asia.

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