DRILLING by Legend Mining at the Rockford project in the Fraser Range district of southeast Western Australia has encountered favourable geology that is consistent with the presence of nickel-copper mineralization. A reverse circulation (RC) program of five holes began in late February.

The program was aimed at testing five strong-moderate conductors identified by moving loop electromagnetic (MLEM) surveying in 2015 at areas D and F of Rockford. Detailed geophysical modelling of the conductors indicated downhole target depths to conduction source ranging between 150 metres and 325 metres.

Valuable geological information was obtained from the first two holes at Conductors D1 and D2, despite drilling difficulties resulting in the abandonment of both holes before the target depth. The holes intersected several dense rock unit including olivine gabbro, pyroxene-rich granulite and garnet-rich granulite which are consistent with the observed gravity feature.

As these are the first deep RC holes in this region of the Fraser Range Complex, Legend has confirmed the presence of Fraser Zone rocks within the Rockford project.

Legend managing director Mark Wilson said, “When the geology from both these holes is considered along with the magnetic, gravity and EM datasets, the setting is consistent with the possible presence of nickel-copper mineralization.

“The rig has now moved to Conductor D4 and new techniques are planned to overcome difficulties experienced in the first two holes.” The changes are expected to assist the penetration and casing of ‘running’ sand in the transported cover sequence.

Mark Wilson said Legend would drill new holes at D1 and D2 later in the current program, which was expected to be completed by the end of the March quarter with laboratory assays expected early in the June quarter. The five-hole program was to include four holes and Area D and one at Area F.

Downhole EM surveying has also been undertaken to ensure the targeted conductors have been effectively tested and to test for possible off-hole features.

As well as the drilling, Legend has also recommenced MLEM surveying focusing on areas A North and A South. These areas are characterised by magnetic lows associated with mafic/ultramafic intrusives identified in aircore drilling. These two surveys will complete the 2015 MLEM program which was cut short by the Christmas break.

Earlier this year Legend received a tax refund of $93,000 from a research and development application for the 2015 tax period.


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