UNDERGROUND drilling and exploration tunnelling by Silvercorp Metals at Ying Mining District continue to identify high-grade mineralisation beneath current production levels. The drilling is part of 2017 exploration at the HZG, HPG, LMW, TLP and LME mines.


Silvercorp Metals’ SGX mine in the Ying Mining District in Henan province.

At HZG, HPG and LMW the company completed 21,675 metres of underground diamond drilling and 7989 metres of exploration tunnelling in the first half of 2017.

The tunnelling, which comprised comprising drifting, crosscutting and raising, exposed significant high-grade mineralised zones beneath current production levels within major production veins, especially HZ20 at HZG and H17 at HPG.

Underground drilling continuously extended major mineralised vein structures along strike and down dip at the three mines. The drilling is mainly conducted from current production levels to delineate the down dip and along-strike extensions of known mineralised vein structures in the production area and test for new veins in the less-explored areas.

During the six months, Silvercorp completed 17,230 metres of underground diamond drilling and 6196m of exploration tunnelling at TLP and LME. This extended major mineralised vein structures along strike and down dip while tunnelling exposed high-grade mineralised zones.

During the June quarter at Ying Mining District 160,408 tonnes of ore was mined, down 8% on the 173,508 tonnes in the same period of 2016 mainly due to downtime arising from several power down days caused by power grid upgrades by State Grid Corporation of China. These impacted the TLP, LMW and LME mines while hoist maintenance and cable steel replacement impacted SGX and HZG.

There were approximately 1.3 million ounces of silver, 13.8 million pounds of lead and 700,000 pounds of zinc sold, compared to 1.5 million ounces silver, 14.9 million pounds lead, and 1.8 million pounds of zinc in the June quarter of 2016.

At GC mine in Guangdong province Silvercorp mined 64,865 tonnes, up slightly from 64,349 tonnes in the corresponding 2016 quarter. GC sold 189,000 ounces of silver, 2.1 million pounds of lead and 4.2 million pounds of zinc compared to 149,000 silver ounces, 1.9 million pounds of lead and 3.4 million pounds of zinc in the 2016 quarter.

During the quarter 4972 metres of underground drilling and 5292 metres of tunnelling were carried out at GC.


希尔威金属矿业公司在Ying矿区通过坑内钻探和掘进勘探继续在现有作业面下方探明高品位成矿区域。该钻探是HZG, HPG, LMW, TLP LME矿区勘探的一部分。

2017年上半年,在HZG, HPGLMW矿区,该公司完成了21,675米的坑内钻探和7,989米的掘进勘探。

掘进勘探包括掘进、开凿横巷和提升,在主矿脉范围内现有作业面以下探明了显著的高品位矿化区,特别是在HZG HZ20 HPG 额的H17



2季度,Ying矿区矿石开采量为160,408吨,较2016年同期的173,508吨下降了8%,主要原因是中国国家电网对电网升级改造导致的数日电力供应中断。这影响了TLP, LMW LME矿区,同时提升机维护和电缆铁芯更换影响了SGX HZG矿区。