OTR tyre recycling plant a world first

THE details of the world’s first extra-large tyre recycling plant have been finalised with the facility expected to open in Perth, Western Australia in June 2018. The plant will undertake economic green recycling of large tyres, referred to as OTR or off the road tyres used on mining dump trucks.

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Smart resource recovery technologies and solutions

With the reality of diminishing natural resources, mounting landfill, electronic scrap and energy security issues, there are ongoing efforts to source alternatives to raw materials, develop new approaches to utilise end-of-life products as well as the creation of alternative energy sources. New ideas are conceived every day to utilise, recycle or reuse plastics and other materials contained within the products we don’t think twice about replacing. And so the cycle continues

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World’s first OTR tyre recycling plant for Perth

CONSTRUCTION of the world’s first extra-large tyre recycling plant in Perth, Western Australia, will start soon. Following preparation of conceptual drawings and commissioning of final drawings, construction of the plant is expected to commence by February 2018.

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