Eden Innovations, manufacturer of EdenCrete® – a carbon-strengthened concrete additive – has officially launched into India.


EdenCrete’s concrete put to the test

Eden Innovations India (Eden India), Eden’s wholly owned Indian subsidiary established in 2007, has held discussions over the past three months with a number of India’s leading companies involved in the construction, infrastructure and ready-mix concrete sectors and has received strong preliminary interest in the potential use of EdenCrete®.

In April 2018, the Indian Ministry of Coal estimated that India had approximately 319 billion tonnes of geological resources, of which 280 billion tonnes were classified as non-coking coal. This includes approximately 129 billion tonnes of non-coking coal that is classified as ‘proved/measured’.

Indian non-coking coal is mainly used in coal fired thermal power stations to generate electricity; fertiliser plants; cement furnaces and brick kilns.

Much of this non-coking coal contains high levels of silica which, when burnt, produces a significant percentage (by weight) of fly ash.

To minimise air pollution, the fly ash is largely captured in the smokestacks of the furnaces, generating very large quantities of fly ash that are sold at very low prices or in many cases given away free of charge.

Eden hopes that by adding EdenCrete® products to concrete mixes, it may enable the percentage of the very low-cost fly ash to be increased, thereby potentially reducing the cost of the concrete whilst also reducing its greenhouse gas footprint due to the fly ash itself being a waste by-product.

With Indian population reaching near 1.3 billion, the concrete market for all industrial, commercial and infrastructure applications – whilst already being large by global standards – is still growing rapidly.

In 2017, it is reported that the annual cement consumption in India reached 270 million tonnes. As commercial concrete mixes often contain approximately 20 to 30 per cent (by weight) of cement, this is estimated to have resulted in the annual consumption of approximately 800 million tonnes to 1.3 billion tonnes of concrete, or approximately 347 million cubic metres to 565 million cubic metres of concrete.

With the election commitment to allocate US$1.2 trillion towards infrastructure by recently re-elected Prime Minister Modi, India is a high priority target for EdenCrete® for infrastructure projects.

Whilst Eden is still in the very early stages of marketing and trialling EdenCrete® products in India, the testing to date and the initial market response of potentially large customers involved in all Indian concrete market sectors has been highly encouraging and Eden plans to continue to pursue this exciting market opportunity.

Eden Executive Chairman Greg Solomon said that Eden India initially arranged for representative samples of Indian cement and fly ash to be sent to Eden’s Colorado laboratory for testing.

“We found these to be encouragingly responsive to EdenCrete® products. In particular the fly ash mixes were highly responsive to EdenCrete®Pz,” he said.

“Based on the US laboratory results, and supported by an EdenCrete® technical specialists, follow-up meetings with Indian groups involved in various sectors of the concrete industry have taken place.

“In all cases, EdenCrete® was extremely well received, with the groups wishing to now progress to testing it in their own concrete mixes, particularly those that include fly ash or blast furnace slag.”

Additionally, the first Indian trial of EdenCrete® in concrete that included fly ash was undertaken in the laboratory of one company. After three days, the test cylinders have shown a very significant, and highly encouraging improvement in early strength. These tests will continue as the concrete cures over the coming weeks.

*Article published in the October-December 2019 issue of The Asia Miner

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