INTEC GMK has developed power plants which produce electricity from solid plant biomass. The ECOCAL-modules are based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) process, which uses the operation of turbines to generate power.

Organic media, which has a lower evaporation temperature than water, is used as working fluid instead of water. By means of these organic media, low-temperature waste heat from many industrial plants can be efficiently converted into electrical energy.

ECOCAL-modules offer the capability of optimising the efficiency of small and average renewable energy power plants.

Wood for the production of energy and waste timber from the industry, which comes from the region, is stored in the fuel silo. From there it is transported into the firebox over the scraper conveyor.

Inside the firebox the biomass is burned producing low emissions. The highly energised gas flows through the thermal oil boiler on the way to the chimney. There it releases its energy to thermal oil, which has a high boiling point, heating it up to about 300 degrees C.

The thermal oil is carried off over a pipe system to the evaporator. There, the thermal energy from the oil is transferred to an organic medium, which is in the secondary cycle of the evaporator.

Because the boiler works with a thermal oil, pressure is not needed for the heat transfer (primary cycle) to the real working medium (secondary cycle). The firing observation, therefore, is not affected by the regulations of pressure steam boilers. The organic steam flows over the fresh steam pipe to a specially developed axial turbine.

There, the steam performs expansion work, which is converted to mechanical and electrical energy. After leaving the turbine the steam flows into the recuperator/condenser to transfer the condensation energy to the water heating system The condensed and liquefied working medium is drawn by the condensate feed pump and brought up to working pressure, closing the cycle.

German-based INTEC GMK produces ECOCAL-modules with electrical power capacities ranging from 300kW to 2000kW. Lower power modules are specific applications that have to be planned separately.

The working mediums used by INTEC GMK are highly efficient, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and toxin-free.

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